The Claims Procedure

The claims function in insurance is very critical, everybody buys insurance so that they can be compensated in the event of loss that is cover in the policy. We therefore felt it is necessary that all parties concerned understand their roles and responsibilities, and as well as the consequences of their actions when it comes to claims settlement.

The Importance of Early Notification (General)
  • To enable Lidwala to  investigate claims and minimize exposure under the policy
  • To appointment of loss adjusters timeously
  • To avoid loss of detailed evidence
  • To institute possible recoveries timeously
  • To avoid unnecessary liabilities that may occur if the loss is not attended to timeously.
In case of an accident (Motor)
  • Stop immediately and switch off the engine.
  • Switch hazard indicators on.
  • Place warning signs 45 m before the accident.
  • Call Police and ambulance services
  • Call our contracted towing company.
  • Render assistance to the injured.
  • Do not move the vehicle unless it is in an unsafe position.
  • Do not leave the scene unless injured.
  • Do not accept liability or make offers to pay for injuries or damage
  • Do not make a written statement to anyone except the police.
  • Prepare and avail yourself for an accident investigation.
Motor Claims Procedure

In the event of a loss or accident:

  1. Notify your insurance intermediary or the Insurance Company immediately
  2. Obtain at least three repair or replacement estimates from the Approved List of Repairers and submit these within 30 days of the loss date to the Company through your intermediary (where there is one) together with the following documents:
      • Fully completed claim form
      • Police Report / Accident Report / Technical Report (where applicable)
      • Driver’s license copies (Motor Claims)
Lodge a Motor Claim